A reamer is designed to form, shape, enlarge, or size existing holes. Reamers are available in a variety of design configurations as well as materials.

Tools by American Tool Service
Twelve flute, straight flute chucking reamer with straight shank.

Tools by American Tool Service
Six flute, left hand spiral, right hand cut, tapered back chamfering reamer.

Tools by American Tool Service
Three flute, roughing tapered reamer with drill point and chipbreakers.

Configuration, Characteristics, and Applications

Types of Reamers Available
Step Reamers  Straight Flute
Tapered Reamer Spiral Flute
Pilot Reamer Right Hand Special
Left Hand Spiral
Single Flute
Multi Flute

Reamers can be used to rough or finish existing holes to provide precise hole dimensions as well as surface finish. Step reamers can provide the elimination of a machining operation by performing multiple operations in one step.

Diameter and Length Availability

Diameter .093 - 6.00 Inches
Length 1.00 - 48.00 Inches

Material Availability

Solid Carbide
High Speed Steel
High Speed Cobalt

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Special Reamer Special Step Reamer